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Remember 9/11

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Welcome
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Remember those who passed away on that day, those who lost a leg, an arm and made it alive, those who lost a husband, a wife, a brother, a sister, a cousin, a friend, a parent, a family member. We cannot forget September 11, 2001. Of course I remember exactly where I was on that day.  Let’s keep that destruction from happening again anywhere in the world by promoting God, love, and peace. 9/11



I often think about this topic and have been taught from a Christian perspective the meaning of  ‘who I was meant to be’. I came across this article published on Oprah

For me it is simple: seek the design your higher being had in mind for you first. God has a plan for all of us, and our life is based on what he designed for us. Since He is the person who knows us best, isn’t it favorable to go to Him first and ask for what He wishes for us to be? The request should then be “Make me what you meant for me to be, oh God.”

Danger! Complacency

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Welcome
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Sailed to a new venture? You got there, now what?

What does it mean to be complacent? Often times, an individual has reached a time where she feels self-satisfaction. The danger lies when the individual is okay with the status quo, the existent state or condition of things. The situation is okay and the individual feels good and begins to live a routine. At this point, the person is not willing to try anything new, does not see the need to be involved in anything, and is unmoved by any extreme events happening around.

Most of us fall in that trap too often; where we were striving to reach a stage in our life, but when we do get there we stop striving, we stop living, and feeling and we make our new status a routine.  We do this as if there is a plateau for actions, emotions, doing, reaching out, helping, serving, working hard, and excelling.

With that being said, if you are reaching for something and have attained it, when you get there, don’t let the enthusiasm you had before flee away from you. Don’t let the passion drain out, and grab every day of your accomplishment, achievement, or new status as the day you first loved it.

Pay Gas with Coins?

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Welcome
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So I went to the gas station the other day.  Not being able to work over the summer put a strain on our bank account. My husband and I decided to use the extra cash we had around the house first to pay for things like groceries and gas. Me being creative, I went to our piggy bank jar and found a bunch of coins. I took a few and put them in my purse. Lo and behold I ran out of gas driving from work to visit my parents. So I thought, hey, I have cash. I’m cool, I can deal with this. I swerve into the nearest gas station before my tank became completely empty. And I literally spent about 5 minutes or more separating the coins, thinking that I will be doing the clerk a favor. Plus I was kind enough not to include any pennies. I put the dimes in my left pocket, the nickels in my right pocket, and the quarters in  my right hand. I let the guy who was walking next to me go ahead to pay first. He bought a cigarette pack, a lighter, and oreo cookies. Cigarette with Oreos? Is that a new thing?

In any event, he was walking away but stopped to ask me for my name. I showed him my ring. “Finger? your name is finger?” he asked, wanting to be funny. A thought ran through my mind….speaking of finger….

“Next,” the clerk called.

I hurried up before making this the first person I ever do that to.

First I placed the quarters in front of the clerk.

“How much is that?” he asked in a hurry.

“$3.00,” I said.

He was going to put the amount in when I stopped him. “Wait, I have more.”

He stopped to tap his fingers on the counter while staring at me with disapproval.

So there, I put my nickels. “I’m sorry to do this,” I said.

“So why do it then? Are you serious?”


“I have to go to lunch in 5 minutes and you want me to stop here and count all this money that you have in pennies. You’re inconsiderate…”

“These are nickels,” I protested.

“These are nickels,” he mocked, imitating my tone of voice. “You think there’s a difference between the two. I’m going to spend the same amount of time counting them. You think that’s funny, don’t you? Wait, am I on Candid Camera?”

“This show doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Who are you now? first a penny collector, now a  TV critic. Do you  have a job? Do you spend all day watching TV? Most people are begging for jobs and you’re sitting at home seeing what shows come on or not. Then you come here, making the low class kid like me work harder. Do you know how long I’ve been working here? How much I get paid? How insensitive could you be! To think….


“How hungry are you?” I asked. “I’ll pay for your lunch! What do you have in this store that can be eaten?”

I pulled out a $5.00 bill to pay for the guy’s lunch. Big mistake!

“What!” he exclaimed.

Meanwhile a long line is forming behind me.

When he said that, I realized what I had done  I went, “Oh, oh”.

“You had real money in your wallet and you bring me these measly measly little horrible coins to make me waste my time. What were you going to do with that money, huh? What, what?”

I started sobbing. “I was going to go to Mc….Mc….McDonald,” I said. “To get something to eat.”

“Why did the poor high school dropout have to get your pennies? Why didn’t you pay for the gas with your rich woman $5.00 bill and go to McDonald with the pennies, huh?”

“Because I’m pregnant,” I lied and busted even more into tears.

“Awwwwwww!” Everyone behind me said. “What a horrible kid. Give the woman a break.”

The poor clerk felt horrible, silenced and started counting the nickels in front of him. While people were giving him a lecture for speaking to me in that manner, I dug in my pocket to get the dimes.

“$20.00 total; $20.00 on 4 please.”

Last Day Weekly Story WK1

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Welcome
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Week  One

I am a big advocate for women to advance.  I often imagine that if I was born during the women’s movement in 1960, I would have been part of it, and I would have been one of the speakers, screaming for women to have more rights. Rights to vote, to get paid as much as men, to be given the same job opportunities, overall, to be equal. Black women were even more marginalized and deserved better treatment. In fact, I believe women should have better jobs than men, as well as access to all jobs. I have seen women from diverse background in power and my, can they do things absolutely right up to the point of perfection!

When Hilary Clinton announced her candidacy for the presidential seat back in 2008, I could not have been happier. I wanted to jump on the couch like Tom Cruise did a few years back on Oprah‘s. Hey,  if I was invited to be on that show  to speak about women’s liberating rights, I would have jumped on that couch, danced on it, and would roll!

I was traveling back home from a major women conference in California last year. The flight was a Red-Eye and I was sitting quietly, waiting for takeoff. I was tired and could not wait to see my husband and my son. Imagine my surprise when the speaker came on and the pilot started to speak. “Good evening passengers, my name is Hannah Burns and I will be your pilot for this flight.” My heart dropped from a 20,000 feet elevation and the plane had not even left the ground.

I looked around puzzled to see if anyone heard the woman’s voice beside me. No one seemed to care, or perhaps they were too tired to move and wanted the pilot to stop talking so they could go to sleep.  My heart accelerated.

A woman pilot. Really?

I called the young lady who was attending to a passenger nearby. “Excuse me,” I said. “Is the pilot a woman?” She gave me a double look and assured me that officer Burns was one of the best  the company has.  I made a sound of whimper after looking through the window to see if we were still on the ground. She proceeded to call me a hypocrite after she noticed the button attached to my blouse that read “Woman Power. We Can do it All.” I told her that the two were not related. I mean my life was at stake here! And the passengers could be in danger, because officer Burns would either be chatting with one of the attendants while the plane was in mid air, or she would be painting her toe nails or checking her hair because her boyfriend would be picking her up at the airport in the morning.

The attendant was irate and so were the others around. I was feeling pretty awful about myself to the point of weeping. Here I was, an advocate for women and a woman myself who believes in us climbing up the ladder, and I was behaving irrationally about a woman pilot. I was to the point of repenting publicly when a blond attendant from the Netherlands took it personal too and dared call ME, POOR LITTLE DEPRIVED UNDERPAID UNAPPRECIATED OVERWORKED MARGINALIZED SUFFERED FROM MALARIA AT AGE FOUR WHO WORE THE SAME HAITIAN MADE DRESS FOR 8 YEARS FEMALE ME a racist because the woman pilot was Black.

She’s what?



***this story and emotions expressed in it are only 10% true.  First it’s written to be funny, and to show that people can believe they stand for certain things, but can really crash if they did not really assess themselves and their true feelings toward something.

No Regrets

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Welcome
An in-depth account of a world controlled by partition

An Extract From a Tragic Humanity

In the book, Counts of the Majestic, Luc said to McKenzie, “A river never flows both ways.” Make sure that when you do carry an action, that it is the decision that you wish to make and that you have no regrets.

If we do what we can, when we should, we should eliminate “if” in our life. I have so many if’s right now based on past choices, but I am realizing that I need to carry out actions that reduce my regrets. I do not want to keep going back to, “I wished I had done this, I wished I had done that. I hate myself for doing this or thinking this.”

I let this be my other encouragement for moving forward in life.